As i think about it more, I dated a 40 year old for nearly a year when I was 30. It was not a typical dating thing (are any of my R's LOL) as she was recently D'd and actually more friends or perhaps FWB than anything but at that time in my life, the 10 years seemed much wider but I was fine with it. I say that just to say it's not always been younger.

I'd also say that I think I am "open" to it. I'm not OLD and have not for awhile now so it's not like I have a filter set. I meet who I meet. I can say this for sure, if I met someone older than me that checked enough boxes I would not stop dating her or not, not date her only because of the age - so I'm firmly in that place already. I for sure could see being with someone 3 or 4 years older than me. I think when we get to 60 and above, at least in this point in time, that's getting a bit out of where I see myself right now - right or wrong.

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I could totally be way off base, but I think Wild Girl was more of a fluke than the norm among women her age. Branch might be surprised.

I'm intrigued by this but really have no idea what you mean. Can you explain on it? What about WG was a fluke as there could be all sorts of things, including her being the largest age difference. It was a fluke that I became or continued to be more interested than I thought I would be. That's a fluke. But I'm not sure either of those is what you mean so please explain and I'll tell you if you are correct or not.

As for branching out - again, how do I do that? What would I do different than I do now? If I see someone or meet someone I'm interested in, I see where it goes. I don't say, oh she's interesting but she's 59 so I'm not interested. What else can I do to "branch out?"

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