He's a pretty laid back guy, doodler, so I suspect that rather than communicating telepathically, he was communicating in his sleep. He tends to be a sleep talker and he uses the "f" word a lot in his sleep. For example, last night, in the middle of the night, I sneezed. I was awake at the time, so I was fully aware and he kind of grunted and mumbled "f@#$@# off". LOL I don't think he would care if you shaved your legs or not, but since he's basically left me in charge of all things wedding related, come on. Maybe we can work it where you can swing through Texas and take care of J9's wedding at the same time. LOL

This semester is quickly winding down and the end is sight. I'm so ready for a much-needed break, as I'm sure all my co-workers are as well. It has been one heck of a crazy semester. Yikes....

Speaking of co-workers, mine surprised me today with a luncheon wedding shower. I knew we were having lunch but didn't know it was in my honor. They bought me a cake and gave me cash (always the best gift!) and we had delicious tacos on Tuesday. (I don't think they were Turkish, though, so don't worry trying to figure out their name, doodler.) I was very pleasantly surprised, though I had a slight inkling something was up because in the entire time I have been here, we have never once had a Christmas get together of any kind. So, when someone suggested it, under the guise of "Christmas" and "it's been a weird, rough semester" it came across as attempting to bond, which is nice, but kind of out of character for this group, since everyone kind of does their own thing. It was very kind and I am very appreciative. Many of them said very nice things about how much I do for all of them and how I am always very thoughtful and it made me feel good. Who doesn't like a pat on the back occasionally?????

I just have to make it through the rest of this week and next, then I'm out of here for 2 full weeks. Oh how I am looking forward to that down time....and the rush that will be final wedding prep. smile

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