I spent the weekend with the kids, in Orlando. D16 had a dance activity there and I used my points to keep stay at a hotel Friday-Sunday with D5, D13 and her.

We had a good time, specially D5. In the meantime, W stayed home (usually goes away on these weekends) because D18 had school and didn't want hr to be by herself.

I was happy she was going to spend quality time with D18, she was going to go with her and D18's boyfriend to a concert on Sunday night.

When I come back, in the next morning, D18 tells me that my W hit her!!! Turns out D18, who is out of HS now, got a belly button piercing. I'm not super happy with that, but she already has several piercings and got 2 tattoos. (Ironically my W got 1 tattoo, and the kids tell me she told them she wants to get another one).

She slapped her on her belly button which hurt, and told her she wishes it gets infected! I just listened and validated, nothing much I can do about it. Haven't even talked to my W about that ... but I'm not happy about her aggressive behavior.