Just as an aside - not saying this is you, Don - I see a lot of guys on OLD who put their desired age range from 20 years younger to - their age. Or their age + 2. It’s kind of ridiculous really, to think you’d be compatible with someone 20 years younger but not 3 measly years older?

I think, for a lot of men, it’s about power. They’re used to being the “older, wiser” person in the relationship and don’t want to give up that power to be with an equal or, god forbid, someone with slightly more experience or knowledge.

Sure, for younger guys it might be about finding a partner in childbearing years but I’m talking about guys in their 50’s. Now some are definitely delusional about how “young they look”, and apparently think they’re the unicorn and no woman a few years older could be equally youthful!

(This might sound funny coming from me with my history of dating younger men, but I didn’t set out to date younger guys. They just happened to be the ones that worked out. Actually CMM, while a few years younger, is actually older in terms of things like interests, musical tastes, health issues etc. And the “one that got away”, the first guy I dated after my divorce, was a few years older but with more youthful tastes and interests than most. I think, after childbearing is no longer the point of dating, that people from 45 and up start to diverge quite a bit in terms of their physical and mental aging. Some 55 year olds would be too “old” for me physically or mentally while some fit and interesting 70 year old might be a better match. Biological age becomes more important than calendar age as those two things start to diverge. )