Iím not saying you should date someone you donít find attractive. Iím just saying putting a strict age limit on it means you are probably missing out on some older women you WOULD find attractive but arenít meeting.

I happen to know a lot of women in their early sixties who are youthful, pretty, fit and sexy. Pretty sure if you met them youíd think so too. No, not all women that age are, but many will be, so donít miss out on them because of pre-conceived notions. And if you were lucky enough to find one you found attractive, I think you might find the likelihood of them being more suited to what you want out of a relationship is greater than some 40 year old mom of teens.

That being said, I got a ďhi, howíve you beenĒ email from one of my young flings today. This was a guy I had some fun with maybe 8 years ago? Definitely way too young for me and I remember asking him at the time why he was interested in spending time with me. His answer - at least partially true I think - was that I was more interesting to talk to than most women his age. (Other factors Iím sure were that I didnít want anything from him, plus he had a weird background of growing up in a cult. )

My point being though that we remained friends, like I have with most of my lovers, and if I were single again now, Iíd at least consider spending some casual dating time with him. We had a nice connection even though it wasnít going to go anywhere. Heís Avoidant and Iím not interested in anything serious with someone that much younger, yet clearly my advanced age wasnít an issue when it came to having fun together. And frankly, if the sexes were reversed, nobody would think much of a man my age dating a woman his age (heck, the woman my ex married was only a few years closer in age to him).

Iím just saying, youíre probably cutting yourself off from some viable dating prospects if youíre setting a cutoff point just a couple years older than yourself.