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Well I wouldn’t be so close minded about older women Don! It hasn’t been deliberate but every man but one that I’ve dated since my divorce have been younger. And at least up to ten years younger, my age has been a complete nonfactor. (20 years younger was a different matter, but even then was about different places in life, not an issue with attraction or compatibility otherwise).

In fact an older woman might just be less interested in a relationship and more likely to be happy being a FWB cruise partner. Just a thought.

I totally agree. I know you like em’ hot and young , but you would really benefit from broadening your horizons. The younger women are still admits raising their families which puts big demands on their schedules. And most are looking for LTR.

What you are looking for would be better suited with a divorced woman with the kids out of the house and she’s looking to have some fun. I work woth a woman like that. She’s attractive too. Your odds of finding a younger woman with no family commitments and just wanting to hang out and move at the pace you prefer and not finding it online....... well, you must see how very difficult that is, right?

Open your horizons.

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