Even if there were not women I could potentially fool around with, there is just no way I'd ever even consider sharing a cabin with someone I don't know - not a dude anyhow. As for retired, um, yeah, i don't think so. I've always for some reason done better with younger or perhaps I'm attracted to younger - even in my 20s. Although my exW was near my age. I just don't think someone 10 years or more my senior is going to float my boat - a few years older sure and I have dated women olden than me but I already act like a 30 year old much of the time so...

But beyond that, just who did I P's off to be getting this bad karma. If nothing else I'm getting a better understanding and some empathy for what Ginger has been going through when thoughts of her past come up, or someone asks her about M or something pops up on Facebook. Anyhow, I just got back from an afternoon gig for a birthday party. It was in the town Wild Girl used to live in and her parents still do but I had no idea her parents would be there. Her mom still adores me and I'm very friendly with them so all good there - well until I walk over to the table they are at which just happened to be with two other couples who were on the cruise last year and are going again this year. One guy is kind of a goof. He thinks he's funny but I don't see it. He says "We were just talking about you" I'm like Oh Oh, that could go all sorts of ways, "I asked if you were taking their daughter on the cruise again this year." Really? He really had to bring that up. Wild Girl's mom was a bit uncomfortable I could tell, at least I think I handled it okay. But then they want to know who I'm taking and I'm like, well I'm not telling you no one and have that get back to Wild Girl - I mean it's the principle of the thing but I can't lie either as they are going to see me on the ship. I can only imagine what was said before I walked over.

Really? I mean really? What am I being paid back for here? LOL. I was allusive enough with some jokes and the subject got changed. As i've thought about it more, I think it's the fact that this was not my choice. I'm fine with doing all sorts of things by myself, but that is often my choice. This was not at all my choice and that's what bothers me - well that and the fact I had to ask more than 6 women and am still going solo.

Okay, off to perform at another Christmas party tonight. Let's see what this brings me.

Me 56
Met 11/95 / Married 5/00
Bomb 6/20/05 / She Filed on 6/2/06 / Divorced on 10/9/06
4 who'd qualify as GF since D & dated about 25 women since D