I have had a few things pop up in the past couple of months that I have stopped and wondered if they were trying to subliminally tell me NOT to marry Sparky. With the issues getting our gas leak fixed and getting propane and a few other things like that and a deluge of vehicle issues lately, I was just sure the universe was sending me a message. I'm calm now and don't think that was it at all. It just is what it is and stressful things happen at the most inopportune times. That's just the way life works, I guess. In the quiet moments, in the down time, when we are not stressing about things and we are able to just sit and relax and talk and watch a movie or go for a drive or whatever, it all feels better.

But, if I miss it, (or anything of importance from here on out for that matter), I'm SO totally using the "I forgot what day it was" excuse because that is the best.

Me 51, H52
Bomb drop 9/29/2014
Divorce from XH final 12/17/2014
Marriage #2 12/31/2019
5 adult (step)daughters (3 from XH's first marriage, 2 from current H's previous relationships)
7 grandkids