Lord love a duck....WHY is this the craziest week of the semester EVERY stinking semester? Somebody needs to come get their children before I am forced to whip every last one of them with a belt. I just can't anymore......I like my job. In fact, despite the over the top, can't make this sh!t up craziness that happened in my building this semester that literally made world-wide news thanks to a couple of life imitating art scientists, I love my job still. Is it trying, frustrating, challenging, stressful at times? Of course it is! If there is a job that isn't, please point me in that direction. My class is a requirement for every student who steps on this campus, so our courseloads are heavy and our classrooms are full every semester. I have 4 classes this time and all 4 are maxed at 24. It would be higher but I teach a lab class and 24 is really all a lab class can handle. I work very hard to make science fun and interesting since the majority of the students don't necessarily want to be there, but have to be there. In that vein, nearly 90% of the grade comes from hands-on work done in lab. Even their final, rather than being an exam, is a project that we start in class then they finish and present. Their projects were due to me by Monday so I could look over them before they presented today. Class begins at 3:30. I just got 3 e-mailed to me within the last 10 minutes. Seriously? Students who have skipped half the classes this semester are now suddenly wanting to make a bunch of work up and I'm just not allowing it. I have posted about this before, but I swear, it is a regular occurrence. I don't know why students think they can attend 10 or less of my classes (which meets 15 times total all semester) and then make everything up the last week and still pass. That isn't fair to the majority who show up every week whether they really want to or not. My favorite this week so far: kid has shown up to 8 classes all semester, so half. Emailed me at the beginning of Nov. asking if they could make up what they had missed to that point. Knowing they wouldn't do it, I said sure and sent them the list of all the missing stuff (4 assignments). The week before Thanksgiving, this student brings me 4 completed assignments, 3 of which I didn't take up for a grade. Then Monday, same kid had the audacity to tell me they had submitted their 4 completed assignments and their grade still wasn't updated so I needed to get on that. Well, you little sh!t, first of all, you turned in ONE of the FOUR completed assignments that I sent you. Yes, you turned in 4 total assignments, but 3 of them were not what I asked for and the rest of your class didn't get grades on those so you aren't either. And, no I will not substitute those for something else. Second, like you, I got to be away from campus for Thanksgiving break, so you are right that the grade hasn't updated because I didn't work over holiday break. Third, if you'll look closely, you will see that your grade DID, in fact, "update" because I entered the one valid assignment. It just didn't raise your grade because you are still missing 3 others, plus an additional 3 from other classes you skipped after you sent me the first e-mail asking for make up work to begin with. It is things like this that sadden me for the next generation. I hear all these millennials making jokes about "ok boomer" and that kind of crap (I'm not a boomer, for the record, but Gen X), but I think, I'd rather be a boomer than a millennial because oh my. No drive, no attention to detail, no common sense, no follow-through. I shouldn't have to spoon feed people who are, at least legally, adults. So very frustrating. I'm SOOOOOOOO glad tomorrow is Friday and next week is finals. I need a freaking break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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