Just 2 short hours stand between me and Thanksgiving break and I have never needed down time more than I do right about now. I just need to shut off my mind and destress for a few days and I am so looking forward to it. Wedding plans are in high gear now. Sparky and I went and looked at the church Friday after work and booked it for our wedding. It is a beautiful old church that was built in the 30's. Simple, country, so us. He liked it as much as I did so I was pleased. Saturday, we took an impromptu road trip to a Dallas suburb to drop his mom off for her to spend the week with her sister and sister's family. It is a good time for her to go because I know she gets lonely and likely even more so now that Sparky doesn't see her every day like he did before. We are right next door, but still he doesn't go by there every day. We are supposed to go back and get her Saturday and I told Sparky, I may let his daughter go with him in my place as a surprise for his mom. I think she'd like that.

Late last week, I ordered my granddaughter's flower girl dress and shirts for my grandsons who will be ring bearers. I also ordered plates and napkins. I had originally planned on having JD wear khakis and a navy sport coat, but then I realized he doesn't have a sport coat that fits him right now because he hasn't worn one in years and it would be ridiculous to go buy one because the odds of him wearing one anytime soon for anything other than our wedding is nil, so I nixed that idea and talked to him about how he felt about just wearing jeans and button up shirt. This wedding is casual because we are casual so I'm good with buying him new blue jeans (that he WILL wear again) and a nice button down (that he WILL wear again) and calling it good. In that vein, I ordered him a pretty plaid button down in white, pink and navy (mostly white and navy) this morning to match our wedding colors.

I get to go pick up invitations today and I printed out little papers with directions to the church on them to stuff in the envelopes so I plan to get those out by next Monday. Then, basically, all that will be left will be food and flowers.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving with family. I didn't think I would get to see my girls, but I will actually get to see 2 of the 3 as they are coming to my sister's for our family meal. So excited to see all of them. I feel so very blessed to have such a wonderful family and the holidays are especially joyous times to be with them.

While I enjoy my family, I enjoy my down time as well. Sparky is off work Thursday and Friday, so we are just going to hang out at home, hang some pictures, get some work done around the house and chill. I ordered him a new gaming system for Christmas that was on a pre-Black Friday sale, so it is supposed to arrive Friday and I'm going to let him have it now so he can chill and game some this weekend. He can work on that while I work on getting nutcrackers out and in place. laugh

Life is good, busy, hectic, but that is usually how this time of year is. When we come back from break, we will have one week of class left then final exams, then this semester is officially in the books. Whew.....what a ride it has been! We are on the downhill side now and I'm running fast and furious toward Dec. 31 so I can celebrate my wedding day and just relax and get back to the humdrum reality of life.

Me 50, H52
Divorce from XH final 12/17/2014
Marriage #2 12/31/2019
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