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I think the number one problem in all this is timing. It takes the WW too long to come out of the crisis. I have seen AS write that his W is just coming out of it and he is seven years in.

Yes, absolutely. It was a solid 5 years post BD before she started showing signs of her old self, I really thought she had changed for good. At first there were just glimpses of the old her, but over time she's become more and more like the person I remember being married to. I don't think she went through MLC, but certainly her recovery timeline mirrors that of an MLCer. That's not to say she'll ever hit me up for recon, I don't get any sense that she would. But it's still interesting to see how long it can take before they come out of the fog and start acting like their "old self".

Me: 59 w/ S17, D23, D26
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