Whew....what a week, but I have made it to the end and am supremely grateful for that. Between friend's death and truck issues and work issues for Sparky and his being sicker than a dog this week, it has just not been an overly pleasant week around here, but it is what it is. I did manage to be pretty productive today and during my lunch break, I even got our wedding invitations and some pretty thank you cards ordered so I can work on those over Thanksgiving break.

This move has been stressful but it is ultimately a good thing. I know I'll feel a gazillion times better when we get all the boxes unpacked and all the stuff put away and all the pictures and knick knacks out, but it is already shaping up nicely and we have some great plans so it is all good.

Happy weekend, DB land!

Me 49, XH 51
3 adult daughters from his first marriage
3 grandsons, 1 granddaughter
My 1st marriage, his 2nd
BD 9/29/2014
H moved out 10/6/2014
H filed D 11/4/2014
D final 12/17/2014