Hey U,

I got caught up on your whole thread. Wow - have you been through the ringer. I don't have any children and thank goodness we don't have much in the way of divided assets should it come to D. However, I do think that protecting yourself is the best course of action no matter the outcome. I hope that mediation goes well for you and that you are able to control your responses. Remind yourself not to react, but rather listen and respond with dignity and integrity. If a subject is too stressful, or you find yourself getting worked up, table it for now!

I have had the horrible dreams on and off as well. They blow. One thing that sometimes will help me fall into a restful sleep is to focus on my task list for the following day. As I lay in bed, I envision each thing that I want to accomplish tomorrow. It may or may not be your thing.

Good luck & lots of hugs!

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