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Yeah, I think that I'll just keep my boxes. I know Andrew has room, but I can't get past that poutine thing. Who taught those people how to make that runny stuff they call gravy? And, what individual in their right mind eats cheese curds with imitation gravy. Ugh.....

Emotional isn't necessarily a bad thing. Just lots of change, but it's all good. I cried it out, Sparky and I hugged out when I got back to the house and life is good. Now we just have to organize.

As far as coaches, I wouldn't be surprised if Arkansas' current one is job hunting in the near future, but I'm pretty sure no one else will want him. If I find a good one, I'm keeping him! wink
Sounds like you and Sparky are dealing with things that are in front of you as a team.

You know that I love you despite your dissing of our gravy. I did have biscuits and gravy at Waffle House my last trip to Virginia and it was good - but not like "home good". Proper gravy for poutine is thick, brown and is a meal all on it's own. It's just nothing like sausage gravy. ExquisiteToBe is our resident expert in poutine and she would also look down her nose on some of what is passed off to tourists and Yankees as our contribution to world cuisine. That and the Ceasar. Butter tarts we don't let go past our borders. We're still fighting about raisins / no raisins and there are some heretics who have put pecans in them.

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