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kb, are you in IC?

I had a good friend that had two exes that cheated on him. He was severe type 1 diabetic. The stress of his second failed marriage and his disease took his life in his mid-40s. Do not try to deal with this yourself. As I said, these kinds of things cause a type of PTSD. And that is a serious thing.

I 2nd IC. If for nothing else, it helped me get all the confusing and contradicting thoughts out of my head and seeing someone taking notes helped me to let go of a lot of it. I walked in to my first session and wasn’t sure where I would start. I was out of my comfort zone but as soon as I sat on the couch, it all came pouring out. I put blind trust in someone I had just met to listen to everything I had to say, begin to organize all my cluttered thoughts, and determine where to start. Fastest 50 minutes of my life. I walked out with a significant weight off my shoulders and a little clarity in my head.

M:40 W:40
T:18 M:12
D:9 S:7