The big move is complete. Several emotional breakdowns later, every last bit of crap I own and my beloved dog are moved into Sparky's house and we are living in a sea of boxes. We had to come back to my house yesterday to get one last small load of stuff and do the final clean up for inspection. We loaded Sparky's vehicle then he left to go meet the satellite installers (who never showed up, but that is a whole other issue) and I stayed behind to wipe down the baseboards and such to leave the house as clean as it was (cleaner actually) than when I moved in. I had a little breakdown while I was there by myself and had to just sit down and cry for a few minutes. I needed it. The move is a good thing but super emotional. I moved into a much older house that needs a good bit of work and when you factor in that some of his grandmother's stuff is still in the house and we are having to go through that too, well, it is a lot. But, you know that old saying about how to eat an elephant (one bite at a time) so that is what we are running with. My poor, sweet dog didn't know how to react to his. The younger of his is super territorial so we are having to ease them into contact with each other and so far all they do is bark and growl at each other. It is going to be a lesson in patience for sure.

Back to work today to all sorts of weirdness going on here so I would actually rather just be at home doing my thing. It would be a lot easier. LOL And I could be working on unpacking/decorating. I'm off Wednesday to meet the satellite installers who stood us up yesterday, so that will be good. I can get a lot of stuff done then. It is going to be a very, very good thing. Someone told me today they thought a good goal for our unpacking is to be finished by the time the wedding rolls around, but I will be done LONG before that, one way or the other.

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