Yes, G...big changes, but good changes so it is all good on this end. Tomorrow is the big day and I feel happy, excited, tired, nervous, super emotional. But, I know, tomorrow night, when I lay my head down on the pillow next to his for the first night of sleeping under the same roof, in the same bed, for the rest of our lives, all will be right with my world. I was always good at being single, even before I married my XH. I mean, yeah, I would occasionally think about it being nice to date or have someone to sleep next to all the time or whatever, but I'm actually a pretty solitary person by nature, so I was ok by myself. Then XH came along and I reshaped that part of my life. I don't regret it for a single second. If it hadn't been for him, I wouldn't have my girls or my amazingly precious grandkids. Then I got used to alone again. It has really hit home to me this week as I have been packing up my house just how much I like being alone sometimes. And, that is going to change in a big way tomorrow. But, I also enjoy my time with Sparky. Even in our downtime, when we are just chilling out, watching tv, playing games on our phones, cooking together, grocery shopping, whatever, I feel a comfort and an ease that is hard to beat when you find it with the right person. I just read on J9's thread where he said something about not being controlled by his emotions (sorry for paraphrasing if that was inaccurate J9), but it really stood out to me because I thought that is where I am and it is a great feeling.

Sure, we'll have some growing pains along the way as we settle into a routine. it happens when you live with someone 24/7 as opposed to just "living together" on weekends, which has been our M/O for awhile now. That Thomas Rhett song "Life Changes" is ringing loudly in my head right now. Yeah, life changes. Change is a good thing. Is it easy? Not necessarily, but is a good thing for sure.

Me 50, H52
Divorce from XH final 12/17/2014
Marriage #2 12/31/2019
5 adult (step)daughters (3 from XH's first marriage, 2 from current H's previous relationships)
4 grandkids (plus 2 on the way)