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I'm in a no-fault state too, and in my state, even though it's no-fault, an A basically removes the responsibility of alimony. That's the one place where an A can make a difference. Find out if that's true in your state. If it is, I'd start digging to find some evidence. Why pay more than you legally have to....

Hey Wanted - my state is no-fault and A doesnít play into anything including alimony.

I should say for the record that I am one of those LBHís who does still believe there is no OM in the picture. We moved 2 years ago away from my Wís family. Ever since she has seemed depressed and angry. I wonít move off this position without evidence, and I also donít particularly care so I wonít go searching for evidence.

HOWEVER.. somebody (perhaps you) made a point on my thread to include a clause in the divorce settlement that spousal support is to stop if my W has a live-in partner. I donít know if that is legally possible TBH but I will consider it. Long-term who knows where this will lead..