You werent offensive to me at all, doodler. I know everything you said was in jest and thats totally how I took it. Ive got a pretty tough skin, being a southern girl, because lots of people like to poke fun at the poor, dumb hillbillies. You know, because youre from the south, too, how people always make jokes about barefoot and pregnant, marrying cousins, etc. Ive lived in Arkansas all my life and couldnt be prouder of that or where I live. Im college educated, as are many of my friends, live in a nice home, drive a decent vehicle and even have indoor plumbing and one of them fancy, new-fangled cellular devices. Its all good on my end. I always challenge people who make snide remarks about the south to get off their high horses and visit. Arkansas is beautiful. And if you like to eat rice, chicken, and eggs, well shake an Arkies hand because we are the home of Riceland Foods and Tyson Chicken, 2 of the largest ag producers in the world.

I will say, on this board, Ive never once had anyone say anything to me that was offensive about Arkansas or being from the south. Ive had a few people make jokes in passing and Im fine with that. The ones who really get under my skin are the ones who move here, for whatever reason, then b!tch about it. If they dont like it, they certainly are not required in any form or fashion to stay. You know what I mean? I would imagine that happens other places as well.

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Bomb drop 9/29/2014
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