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I hope what I posted wasn't misunderstood; it was supposed to be humorous. Like Dawn, I'm a Southerner so I thought I had a license to have some fun at her expense. I'm sorry if I was offensive.

There really is a place (town?) near me called Two Egg. It even has an entry in Wikipedia. I don't claim to be a redneck, but if there were ever a zombie apocalypse, you'd find me with a group of rednecks because that would be my best chance of survival. If you want to see a redneck in action, watch "Sailing Zatara" on YouTube. Smart, resourceful, and not quite what you'd expect.

And, my parents are first cousins. Well, not really, but I do have a third arm growing out of my back so there must've been some inbreeding along the way...or maybe I'm part Canadian.