Well the weekend went well. I spent time with my son and we went out to eat and watched a football game. I have set some boundaries the past couple days.

Will not discuss AP and work related items.
Will not allow her to blame me for her unhappiness and feeling neglected for years. Re-writing of our history. I have decided to walk away when this is brought up during dinner etc...
I've asked her to stop using my bathroom. This triggers times that she would go into the bathroom and stay for 30mins while she was messaging the AP.
I've asked her not to hang out in my bed or bedroom while being on her phone and then leaving at 9:00 to go into the other room. In the past she would do this and while in the room she would message him from 9:00 - 10:00.
I will continue to set boundaries to protect my feelings and not allow her behavior to trigger or hurt me. It's been a slow process but she has no clue what she wants or what she is doing. The AP will soon be divorced within the next couple of weeks and I'm sure they will begin to be physical again at some point.

AS long as I set boundaries going forward then I can help protect m y sanity while living in the same house with her.

Sunday just before my son and I were going to go to church she would not let him leave with me. She then took my car keys and would not let me leave either. She claims us attending church in our small town only helps further people talking about what has happened and it makes her look bad. She wants the chatter to calm down and go away so she can get back to scheming and slipping around with him. Eventually I've got to issue an ultimatum as I can't continue to live like this.