I donít know Don. I think the thing thatís hard for logistical minded people or maybe people that were hurt or trying to not be hurt is that there is no linear formula to follow when it comes to relationships and love.

On my parents first date, my dad asked my mom ďwhat do you think our children would look like?Ē Huge red flag. But they have been happily married - absolutely no drama- for over 40 years.

My ex husband made sure he waited 3 days to call me after our first date. We waited 3 years to move in. Another 4 years to get married. And 1 year to have a kid. Guess what? He was leading a double life and now Iím too old to have more kids. Because I followed this linear formula.

Now, for people that are looking for that person to grow old with ... I think Dating does help people to figure out what they donít want in someone. What they wonít settle for. And for people that keep following similar patterns in partners itís important to break that cycle too. But you canít lump everyone into that category. Some people just find the right person early and know a good thing when they see it - and just as there are unsuccessful stories there are positive stories out there too. Point being - thereís no guarantee of success with any method of dating and relationships.

And then Some people donít really want to find the right person but the right for now person as they are not looking for commitment. So that comes into play as well.

M: 42
H: 43
Twins age 5
WAH in summer