Yeah, that's crazy [censored]. But you know what, those same crazy people were doing that same crazy stuff when we were younger, it's just that the dating pool is full of more of them and fewer of us monogamous uncrazy types.

That doesn't mean you can't meet people - but it might mean you need to sort through more (and may have to put up with other kinds of crazy. I'll be posting about CMM on my thread soon lol.)

As for the Dean marrying the first guy she dated - yeah, she didn't shop around and doesn't sound like her friends are thrilled about him. Still, on the subject of odds, if the first guy I dated after my divorce had A) not been a Love Avoidant and B) not taken back up with his childhood love, he was still one of the most compatible guys I have dated since my divorce. Got lucky I guess.

You can't go by me though because I absolutely do not understand all these people rushing to get into second or third marriages. Maybe my ex just burned me out but I have NO interest in remarrying.