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A mom that never worked and did not get an education in favor of taking care of the home and kids is one thing. A mom who has the education and has worked but now would rather not is another. That’s what marriage is for (in part) and she gave that up.

She did work full-time for a few years, including after our first child was born.

Before we relocated 2 years ago she was working 2 days a week in private practice. Her intent after moving was to ramp up part-time in private practice by now. She hasn't gone back yet but does rent office space.

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In my case, I had been the part-time worker in my marriage and full-time mom. When we finally divorced I was working full time in my own practice but not making as much as my exH wanted to impute to me. (I had health issues and had an integrative medicine practice which was not as profitable as working for say Kaiser - which would not have allowed me to practice integrative medicine. We finally settled on an imputed income amount halfway between what I actually made and what I would have made at Kaiser, although I probably would have won that one if we'd gone to court, since I'd already been in my practice for a couple of years.)

You should speak with your own individual attorney about this before discussing it further with her.

Interesting... I also know my W could go work for Kaiser or a hospital, but would like to support her desire to have a private practice. I understand this would also imply it may take her time to ramp up. HOWEVER, I think we should have a reasonable income estimate, or at least a plan for how we will handle the support payment calculations. I don't know where to start on that one. As you suggested a lawyer is probably the way to go here.