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"It's not a financial or support issue" - meaning that she has enough money to support herself without working without child support or alimony from you? What, is she independently wealthy? Or have you just agreed to completely support her so long as you get 50:50 custody? Is that going to go on until the kids are 18?

I mean that my W's objection to 50/50 is not due to financial concerns. She objects because she doesn't want me putting the kids in day care or after school care during my 50% of the time.

To your point, however, her goal of "working the minimum and spending maximum time with the kids" would affect my support payments. I am willing to negotiate with her, but I am not willing to support her lifestyle choices at my expense.

I am anticipating agreeing that alimony will run for 3-4 years, and child support continues until they are 18. I've heard of the concept of "imputed income" where the support payments are calculated based on the income she could make. Then it is up to her how much to work.

Anyways I think this is going to get thorny.

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Now, all other things being equal, if she is available to care for them after school and wants to, why would you object? So long as you get your full 50:50 I don't see a problem.

Right I don't really object here. Some people I've talked to think I should object, that she is "infringing" on my time, but I don't see much reason to object.