I agree with Ovr and Neffer, don't move out as that will put you in a poor position for negotiating S and D terms, and especially visitation. I understand it's miserable being under the same roof, if you've really had enough then talk to a L and sort out where you need to go from here. If S or D requires selling the house then cross that bridge when you have to.

One other reason to not move out- there's a high likelihood your W will move OM in right behind you, or at least have him over for extended visits even with the kids there. It has happened here more than once.

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She has sent me text messages instead and has mentioned a lot of truth in her messages.

She claims she has never felt this connected to anyone in her life. That we have never had this kind of connection. She admits to having strong feelings for him.

Why do you let her send you that garbage? I would tell her not to send any texts to you unless they are about the kids, and if she keeps sending you love letters about OM then you will block her. Don't put up with it!

I do not think she will file or move forward because she has too much on her plate with her job. I truly think she wants me to do everything and she wants me to make the decision to leave her or file for divorce.

You are probably right, unless OM ends up leaving his W, and then she'll probably want to leave and move in with him. Unfortunately that will likely have to happen before they come out of the "affair fog". Right now they're caught up in dreamy visions of a Romeo and Juliet forbidden romance, and neither of them have really had to deal with much fallout from what they've done. Until they hit rock bottom things are unlikely to change.

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