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Most of the "experts" here are divorced.

I don't think anyone here considers themselves an "expert". DB'ing is acknowledging there is no PHD in WAS psychology, it's accepting that we don't understand the dynamics and letting go of the need to understand.

There was no divorce busting at all.

I assume you mean in the sense that many of the vets were not able to save their M, which is true, as opposed to the vets not participating in DB practices, which is false. Unfortunately most of us come here after BD and after the WAS is two feet out the door. All the DB'ing in the world only saves a small percentage of M's. DB'ing is reactive rather than proactive, so it's trying to fix something after it's already very broken.

(Personally, I think a few would be better served on militant men's rights forum) but that's for another day.

I don't believe it's appropriate to launch personal attacks here, would suggest you refrain from that in the future.

Also, it should be noted that many here give advice contrary to MWD.

Not really. Usually when people say this they are misunderstanding what they are reading.

Me: 59 w/ S17, D23, D26
Current R: 4 years
Previous M: 21 years; BD: 06-14-12; S: 09-10-12; D final: 03-17-14; XW:56