Good Morning bttrfly

Glad to hear Momís on the mend. Assisted living sounds like the best approach for now, and hey the private pay - donít sweat the small stuff. In 10 years that money wonít even be a blip. Still, it will be nice to get back on insurance.

I really like your boundaries on your resources - money, time, and health.

exbf and other friend wanting cash for unsolicited work. Yeah, doesnít sound like you have time or money for that at the moment.

Your cousin and work/boss was handled very well also. Good for you, donít need all that unsolicited stress either.

Talking to son about his loan, thatís a harder one for sure. Itís needed, for both of you, and it appears it was well received. Yay! Victories.

Divorces and their gifts, strange indeed. And valuable.

Nice to hear about you and friend.

Have a wonderful day.


Oct 8/17 - BD
Me49 W46 S20 S19 S16 D15
M26 T29
w/OM, Left Kids
Dec 9/17 - Legal Separation
Oct 3/18 - W Files
Apr 6/19 - Divorced
Me52 XW48 S22 S21 S19 D17

I may give up, but not today.