Why are you asking her if she is speaking to him? You know they are in contact and you know the A is probably still going on so why bring it up?

You're still trying to control her and you can't and it's frustrating you.

You still don't understand the difference between ultimatums and boundaries so that shows me you are not doing your homework.

You really only have two choices right now. To completely detach, gal and live for you and your son only. Meaning when she's home your either out alone or out with your son. You discuss only your son and finances with her and the rest of the time you treat her like a boarder in your house. Who gives a fuch if she gets jealous when you're of out? That's how cheaters think that everyone lies and cheats like they do. Plus she's most likely upset that she may be losing her plan b.

Second choice is to decide that you love and respect yourself too much to live in an open marriage and put up with this lack of respect and BS.

I don't think you're ready for number 2 so I suggest you go full board with option 1. If you're not around that she can't tell you what's going on with her affair.

I know this isn't easy but if you keep doing what you have been doing you will keep getting what you have been getting and that is one big $hit sandwich served on a platter daily.

Time to step it up!

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