Good stuff Dan

Glad to hear gym is going good! Keep it up. Make it like it's a part of everyday life. I find it energises me!

I've now doubled my dumbbell weight from the start weight I had. If you're not doing them yet, try concentration curls - great for biceps!

I fully get you about doing stuff not being about NGS. I did that too. It was part of what I saw our roles to be. She was good at the grander scheme things, I was good at the nitty gritty stuff. To me, that's not NGS, but rather you both getting stuff done. Where NGS crept in for me was my constant availability to do or buy or get whatever she wanted, without much reciprocity. I'd sometimes get 4 or 5 calls or sms's a day to do something or buy something! I was naive, and thought this is what a good husband does. In my job, I heard countless tales from wives whose husband's were lucky to mow the lawn every second weekend. I vowed not to be that type of man.

Yeah, just be very judicious and sparing in responding or guiding her. She can google tradespeople. That said, it may be an opportunity to demonstrate you're AMOAFWL. In my sitch, a few months ago, I handled a rogue tradesman my XW had engaged in her renos. She called me as he was trying to rip her off, and she didn't know what to do (her not knowing what to do was very unusual). Anyway, I got more involved as it became clear he was a rogue, but at her request. I ended up going over and 'talking' to the guy. Told XW and S to wait in the backyard while I handled him. I needed to raise my voice unfortunately. Anyway, called her back after he left, and told her I'd handled it, then I left. NGS or AMOAFWL? The latter I think. Keep an eye out for that type of opportunity Dan, but be very sparing. They'll remember it.

Me: early 40's
XW: nearly 50
T: 15
M: 5
BD: Jan 19
S:10 SS: 22 SD: 24