Well CMMs hemoglobin was stable on his Monday draw so maybe he will stop leaking like a sieve.

Working my way through paperwork as executor of my mom's estate - which is super simple but still requires a lot of paperwork. This whole thing does leave me with some useful advice for others (note that my mom did most of these things right):
Make sure you have listed your beneficiaries properly on your retirement savings accounts. Don't be that divorced person who never took their spouse off. Putting your kids or other heirs on there simplifies matters greatly.

Make sure you have a proper will and it and all your important papers are in a readily accessible file so your heirs don't have to search for them.

Mom added a typed note with her will that specified who got what in terms of certain small items of sentimental value but the best thing about it was the love she expressed to her family in the note - very comforting.

You might think that owning your cemetery plot simplifies things - and it does, in a way - but one caveat here. My mom bought the plot next to my father's in 1969, when he died. It was just an ordinary cemetery at the time, but now is smack dab in the middle of the homes of the rich and famous. While it's great that we have the plot paid for - they're worth $25k and up now - it has also resulted in higher than normal burial costs. That's ok for us, because she had money enough to pay for everything, but it's kind of an unintended consequence. For example - the mortuary in Oregon where she died, charged about $5k for embalming, coffin (which had to be a $2500 one for air transport) and flying her home. But the fancy schmancy cemetery is charging $11k for interment, gravestone (about $2k) and receiving charges. Probably would have been half as much at a less fancy location. Like I said, not a problem for us as there was plenty of money in her accounts to cover this but something to think about in your own planning. (I personally will plan to be cremated - much simpler and less expensive.)

Although this wouldn't be for every family, my mom put me on her bank accounts which has simplified things greatly in terms of paying for burial costs and will simplify paying out some of the inheritance. Note this is dangerous in families where there might be strife or unreliable heirs who could pilfer the money, but it was the right choice in my family and made things simpler.

Also - if you have a ton of crap, go through it! When my mom moved in with me several years ago she got rid of a lot of the stuff she had in her home, and I'm thankful I don't have some huge accumulation of junk to sort through.