So, this past Friday evening I'm out performing at one of what sure seems like a couple dozen Oktoberfests - about half the bands I gig with are a solid fit for these types of events so I'm beyond busy the last weeks of September and first weeks of October. Anyhow, it's outside at a really cool town that I've driven through many times but never through the town square area - it was really a cool little town. Has really nothing to do with my story but thought i'd add it. The town is only like a half hour from me and not all too far from where i went to high school.

Anyhow, we take a break and as I'm standing chatting with the drummer, this woman comes out of pretty much nowhere and says "are you Dave" I'm like well close but no, not Dave. Oh, she says, are you a firefighter? So now I'm like hmmmmm, well you are on the right track, I used to be (for nearly 25 years), but still not Dave and tell her my name. She then names the fire department I was with. She goes on to tell me, after confirming I really am who she thought I was, that I used to come to her grade school (which she named) for fire prevention. "I had such a crush on you" she says. Then she goes onto say "and then... i got a bee sting at the {local town fair] and you took care of me - I was in heaven." LOL. Now mind you she had to have been like between 8 and 12 at the time I would guess and I was anywhere between 25 and about 40. I've not done a fire prevention presentation in at least 15 years so this had to be no less than 15 and as much as 25 years ago. She had some single digit age kids with her, not sure if they were hers or not. Sadly, she was gone nearly as fast as she appeared. I wish I could have found out more - like how long ago this was and how in the heck she even recognized me!!!!! I mean for some 10 year old now maybe 30 year old to remember me from that long ago. She really should have had no idea I was a musician as well - I me how could she - she even had the wrong name - but I guess I've not changed much or have aged very well.

Just thought I'd use this little story as an opportunity to post something on my own thread, since I so rarely do. I was so flattered and told her so. it's nice to know at least someone appreciates all of the time and effort and work i put into the local volunteer fire department. Yes, this happened at my volunteer agency - not my paid job for many years. Also so glad she said something. I wished I would have gotten a picture with her. Maybe if we get the gig back again next year I'll get a second chance. At least I got her name - Katy - and yes it's her real name - i mean why not, it's not like I could even locate her again much less any of you! LOL Made my night though. Too bad it was not one of Katy's teachers - I would have followed up on that!!!! Perhaps she would have wanted to go on a cruise with me next January smile

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