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....normally, if things were all fine between us, I'd just sort this out anyway, and it'd be sorted within a few days and tradesmen would be booked to turn up to the house to fix everything in a timely manner. She seems to be struggling with day-to-day house stuff...

Opportunity to 180. Things ARE NOT FINE between you and her. Just use this as a learning experience for the NEXT call for you to help.

She has fired you as her husband. Let her feel the pain of being without you.

She takes care of the house she lives in. You take care of the house you live in.

It is extremely important that you project to her that you are extremely busy and extremely happy. This is fake it till you make it.

This is the MAX i would do to help her:

H:"W, here is the number of the guy I would use: (xxx)yyy-zzzz"

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