Well, spent last night in the ER until mid nite while CMM got transfused two units of blood ( this has been an ongoing problem with some kind of little blood vessel leaking in his gut - NOT tumor related). He went for his regular pre-chemo blood tests yesterday and they called him because his hemoglobin was critically low (5.3!) and he went to the ER to be transfused. Now today we went to his oncology appointment (his oncologist decided to postpone chemo for two more weeks and get another bronchoscopy next week) and on the way out we stopped at the lab for a repeat blood test. They called us when we were halfway home to tell us it was still low (6.7) and to go back to the ER. So here we sit again, his first bag of blood is hanging and they're going to admit him overnight.

What's weird is his oxygen levels have been improving this past week despite the drop in red blood cells. Go figure.

So just a lot on my plate - appointment tomorrow with the mortuary team at the cemetery, carpets cleaned today, made hotel reservations for my sister, still have to finish the obituary, find the pink slip to the car, etc etc etc.