Had a great IC session today.

We're now reducing to once a month - IC believes I've come such a long way since we started sessions at the end of May, and I seem content with all the changes I've been making. She is very pleased with my progress. She thinks I should be wrapped up before Christmas.
I've owned my mistakes and my past, analysed them, sorted them out, got help, and am becoming better, happier person. Massive boost today, helped me along.

The song Life Goes On by The Damned seems appropriate here:

"Life goes on and on and on
If you think it's all gone wrong,
Go on and on and on...
...And always remember
This is the happiest day of your life.
...Take your time
Who cares what fools say.
I don't mind,
'Cos this is my day -
I'll live it my way today."

I interpret those words to mean: when things are going really badly, just keep going. GAL basically. You do what makes you happy. And you'll be fine.

Next GAL activity lined up - as my side-line job is an orchestral percussionist, I have to play lots of instruments each their own idiosyncrancies of technique. One thing I've never got round to doing is learn how to play castanets properly - holdign a pair on each hand, for that real authentic sound (in an orchestra you usually play them attached to handles or mounted on a flat wooden board for ease). Well, I bought some *proper* pro castanets from Spain this week, in a really lovely brown-reddish wood. They'll arrive next week, and the guy I was emailing from the shop for advice has directed me to some excellent YouTube vids. Next time I have an important excerpt, I can impress the conductor and my colleagues with my newly found technique! That's the lovely thing about GAL - do anything, as long as it's positive!

A good day today! smile

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