Here it goes!

Been teaching and coaching for 17yrs.

My strengths are my work ethic and passion for the sports I coach. I am very good at coaching these sports due to my success and turning programs around to be successful.

What do I like about myself? Had to think hard on this one. Probably what I like most about myself is how I have influenced and changed the lives of several kids that I have been in contact with and continue to mentor. I also like the fact that I am in pretty good shape due to exercising most of my life.

I think that people like me due to being positive, listening to their conversation, and taking an interest in what they have to say.

There is a since of fulfillment when you have the opportunity to impact the lives of others. This should be my sole purpose outside of my family right now. I have that opportunity and there is no better since of worth than making another persons life better.