I know I'm all over the place and need to read more of the book. I feel hopeless and powerless. I need to read the post on boundaries and come up with a game plan. You are heading into deep waters each and every day.

I confronted her about continuing to talk with him at night and told her she needed to move out if she was going to continue to do this in our house. She has agreed to move out and is now back claiming she needs space so she can make a decision as to what she wants for her future. She has no where to go and will continue staying in the other room.

I have met with a lawyer and he told me it would be best to do everything 50/50 which she has suggested she would agree with it. Since I have demanded more respect she has become very angry and hateful to me. This is not in her nature.

Tonight she fought with her dad about staying at his house so she took it out on me. She claims she wants divorce now and that she doesn't want to work on this marriage. She has gone to the other room and closed the door and turned the lights out so she can chat with the OM.