We’re not friendship compatible. we’ll always be amicable co parents though’.

I agree with the first part of this statement for me. XW said at BD, "I think we are just two completely different people." I completely didn't understand how she could say that because we like similar music, outdoor activities, foods, and so much more. Now I understand that it isn't the outside but the inside that is different and so if she ever brought up friendship I would have to tell her "No, I think we are just two completely different people".

Unfortunately I don't think my XW is a good parent,but D13 and her relationship is between them. I don't discourage it and don't badmouth EW to D13. I can't give D13 advice on how to have a relationship with XW because I failed at that miserably, so D13 has a licensed therapist to help her navigate the relationship. I feel my role is to support D13 in her choices and make sure she is safe and taken care of. I have D13 about 305 out of 365 days of the year. This was EW decision when she told D13 she was leaving and when she called and discussed the divorce papers with me.

DS9 It seems like you are coming to a really good place in your mind and heart. I hope the ups and downs stabilize for the both of us. Keep updating because you give me hope.

1st BD December 26, 2008
PA admitted to by XW December 29, 2008

2nd BD May 23, 2019
Daughter confirms EA
Divorce Finalized July 18, 2019