Long text from W this morning about 8am:

The smoke alarms in the house are faulty, so need to get them fixed. I gave the electric company her number so she can arrange a time with them. Boiler also needs annual service. Only 75 under this policy I organised when we moved in, but needs doing before house is sold.

She's had to change her phone number - apparently "[she's] had the worst week ever" and forgot to do loads of things (including forwarding some important mail for me this week, which she apologised for).

I'm going to wait a couple of hours before responding.

Should I validate her 'worst week' comment? Something like "Sounds like you've had a tough week. Also must be frustrating having to change your number having had the same one for so many years." Or is that not necessary? Just respond to the admin matters and end the conversation?

Going out shopping with my sister and the dog later today - should be nice. Then gym at 4.30.

Me - 36, W - 32
No kids
T - 8 yr, M - 3 yr
Discovery - 14 May 2019
S - 25 May 2019 & D bomb - 29 July 2019
D & House sale final - Feb 2020