I also agree with LH and Neffer. Let cooler heads prevail here! Scorched earth policy never does anything except offer some temporary gratification. It'll likely end up hurting you in the long run because you will be faced with divorcing a jobless wife that has no job prospects. With most states being "no fault" divorce these days, the court will make you responsible for her support.

Originally Posted by bballer1
I may ask her to move out

You can ask her but you can't force her to. If she doesn't move out, then what? Figure out your plan B, if it's pursuing S or D yourself then consult with a lawyer and start getting prepared.

and I also may take my proof and expose it to the Superintendent of schools. The only hesitation is I know that my wife would lose her job. It's slowly beginning to not bother me as the OM and her job are the most important things in her life right now. She hasn't been remorseful at all and she has been focused on the fear of losing her job.

OK so try and picture what will happen if you do expose her and she does lose her job. You will be the focus of 100% of her rage and anger. Everything great and small will be your fault. She might make it her mission to make you as miserable as possible. If you think things are terse now then just wait. Personally I think you should go out to the garage, find your heaviest hammer and smash your thumb with it. You'll get over that a lot faster.

I really hate this for my son as some other kid will eventually say something to him.

I'd say that's far more likely to happen if you expose them. THEN it will be the "big scandal" that everyone is talking about. It may seem obvious to you but it's probably not to anyone else right now.

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