Thanks for the kind words and hugs, Job and Bttrfly. It has been a long, taxing, emotional week, but on the positive side, today is Friday and I'm already half-way through my day, so I can finish out this week and move forward.

Yesterday was a really tough day and a really good day all wrapped into one. It was tough because students, y'all. OMG....I gave my class a virtual lab to complete online last week as an assignment that was due this week. I told the students to e-mail me or stop by my office if they had trouble with it. So, inevitably, I got a few e-mails here and there that the link wasn't working. Of course, when I checked it from my office computer, the computer in my classroom, my phone, it worked fine. I go through this every time I give an online assignment, as though I'm going to just excuse them from something because they tell me the link doesn't work. If it works for 97 out of 100 students, I'm not going to let it slide for you. Then, my late afternoon Thursday class shows up and literally half the class turned in their completed assignment. Seriously? Ok.....your grade, your problem. This is college. I gave you the assignment a week ago, told you it was due this week and to reach out if you had questions. I didn't remind you that you had homework due because THIS. IS. COLLEGE. Take some responsibility. So, now I have a bunch of kids with F's going into the last week before mid-terms and only 2 grades coming in before that to offset the hole they have dug for themselves. I am taking a stand this semester. I'm not going to hold their hands anymore. In the past, I have reminded them about assignments and such, but I'm just not doing it anymore. When I have stuff to do at work, my boss doesn't remind me. He expects me to do my d@mn job. College is their job. Ugh....

As some of you predicted, XH did NOT do what he said he'd do dealing with our joint account. I don't know why I was shocked that the didn't, but I got a phone call about it again yesterday, so I just told them to go ahead and close the account, called his sister and got his contact info and passed that onto the bank and contacted a lawyer friend in the meantime who is drawing up some paperwork so that if he doesn't send them the money that is overdrawn in the account today or Monday, they will not take it from my current account, but will get it from him in whatever means necessary. I then bit the bullet and called XH and told him all that and lo and behold, about an hour later, not only did he call me back to tell me it was all squared away, but I called the bank to double check and indeed, he had wired them the payment in full and they had terminated the account. They are mailing us both paperwork to that effect so it is finalized. Of course, he had a "convenient" excuse as to why he hadn't done it and that was that after I had talked to him about it the first time, he had "health problems". Then, as we talked, he had more excuses "I thought I had more time" and "I didn't want to deal with it while I was heavily medicated". I didn't want to deal with it while I was fighting NOT to pinch a bunch of lazy college kids' d@mn heads off nor did I want to deal with it while I'm still dealing with the crap out daughter has been going through and the stress of my impending move and you know, LIFE IN GENERAL in the real adult world. But, I stopped and took time out of my day and handled it because ultimately it was going to cost me money if I didn't and yet again, the douchebag failed me. Why am I even surprised by that any more? He was a terrible money manager. And, on top of that, he is very much a stick your head in the sand and it will go away kind of guy. So, yeah, I get wasn't a worry to him because if I hadn't badgered him and handled it, it would've ultimately come back on me. Then there would've been even more excuses. Good luck to that new skank he's married to because his "health problems" will never be over and he will milk them until the day he dies. This is definitely one of those moments where I am shaking my head wondering what the H3LL I was thinking when I married him.

On the positive side, today is Sparky's birthday. We went to see Weird Al Yankovic at the beginning of September and had dinner and drinks at our favorite pub near the arena prior to the show to celebrate. I also have a Groupon I purchased for Dave and Buster's that we have to use by Oct. 25, so we are going to have a date night sometime in the next few weeks there too and that will be a post birthday/yay we are finally living together celebration. So, I feel bad for slighting him, but he's all good with everything and realizes that our focus, at this point, is to get us into one house and everything else is kind of taking a back seat to that right this minute. We went out to lunch today because his company allows employees to be off on their birthdays and we had a really nice talk. I have long since stopped believing in things like "soul mates" but I do think Sparky and I are perfect for each other. Sure, we both have baggage (we are 50, so who doesn't at this age?????), but we also have real-world experience in life and love that allow us to know what we want and be able to communicate effectively through good times and bad. So, from where I'm sitting, life is just looking pretty darn peachy at this point.

Me 51, H52
Bomb drop 9/29/2014
Divorce from XH final 12/17/2014
Marriage #2 12/31/2019
5 adult (step)daughters (3 from XH's first marriage, 2 from current H's previous relationships)
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