Yestyerday was the hardest thing I have faced in this situation. I had to watch my wife interact with her boss at my sons football game yesterday. They were together in the concession stand for about 5 minutes and I was about to go over and knock his teeth out.

First off she worked the gate or volunteered to do so and I don't know why. Her best friend worked the gate as well. The friend that had an affair, divorced, and is now unhappily remarried. She worked the gate knowing his wife would come to the game. Is this arrogance or what? How can she be so cruel to this mans wife. I know she is running her mouth about the affair but don't people have some humility when they commit atrocities such as this.

She has been sleeping in the other room and is now back communicating with the OM. I know this because she goes into the room and closes the door like she did before the exposure. She has been ugly in her conversation and very short with me when I have to ask her questions about our children or the bills.

Guys, I am not sure I can take this much more. I may ask her to move out and I also may take my proof and expose it to the Superintendent of schools. The only hesitation is I know that my wife would lose her job. It's slowly beginning to not bother me as the OM and her job are the most important things in her life right now. She hasn't been remorseful at all and she has been focused on the fear of losing her job.

Truth is my son is witness to this crap as he was bothered with her going to his office everyday at the end of the school year and spending 2 hours in his office with the door closed. It infuriates me to know this is going on in front of him. The Principal created a job for her and its the only job in the county. We have 2 other middle schools that do not have this position. The job was created to give her more time off during the day and require her to be there until 4:30 everyday instead of leaving at 3:30.

I really hate this for my son as some other kid will eventually say something to him.