Looking at other threads, I seem to see myself as both a LBS and also WWH.

LBS because my W instigated D and decided to fire me from the R and M.

WWH as she did what she did because of my mistakes. I totally accept them and I can only imagine the hurt she felt when she found out everything, and all at once.

I wonder if W has chosen to 'go dark' and essentially doing the let go/drop the rope thing, albeit without any assistance from a board such as this and of course no IC. She is definitely GALing.

Is this normal for me to feel like this - a mixture of spouses who could be in each situation?

Me - 36, W - 32
No kids
T - 8 yr, M - 3 yr
Discovery - 14 May 2019
S - 25 May 2019 & D bomb - 29 July 2019
D & House sale final - Feb 2020