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My advice in responding to her letting you know about the house being listed is not to respond at all.

Or, depending on the vibe you wish to give, you could say something like - "Excellent! Let's hope it sells quick! Fingers crossed!!!!! (insert smile face emoji). Make sure you tell the agent we want a very quick settlement period."

I'm actually tending to the latter. Flips the script mate

Very interesting DS. I had never even considered that.

My initially reaction was not to completely ignore her; it's still 'detached' to a degree isn't it if I give a very short response.

But yes, giving an almost over-the-top positive reaction like that might surprise her. Not sure if she'll see through that and think "Umm why are you saying it like that?"

She announced it in a rather excited way - "Our house is on the market!" (incl. the exclamation mark), like she is really happy about it.

I could reply with "Excellent. Thanks for updating me." Just 5 words there...ok?

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