The weekend went fairly well. Spent time doing things outside the house and I told her to use the other room and bathroom so she wouldnít be coming into the master bedroom. She was perfectly fine with doing it.

Didnít do much talking and she seems to be pulling away too and thatís fine. Iíve got a gut feeling her next move will be to move out of the house at some point. She is still concerned and worried about losing her job. She is also highly concerned about the OMís wife telling everyone in our small town. These are the things she wants to talk about in passing or after we eat dinner and the kids go to their rooms.

I was coming out of the grocery store and the OMís wife was waiting by my car in the parking lot. She is struggling and says she will be divorcing her husband. She claimed she was waiting to see if my wife came out and she was going to confront her. All I said to her was that this will not end until they have Ďno contactĒ and if they decide to break it off.

Bad news is usually given out on Friday so there wasnít a change in the job situation. Seems that they will sweep it under the rug which is what usually happens in the school system unless it effects child safety.

The woman did mention her husband was getting counseling and that was odd because my wife has also decided to get individual counseling this week. She wanted to do couples therapy but I told her I wasnít ready for that right now. If we went it wouldnít do any good due to her not being fully committed to it. I think she wants to just to save face and show people that she tried to work on our marriage.

Read parts of the book and will try to make a written plan for moving forward. Doing the 180ís is difficult if done the right way. The communication part is most difficult to grasp unless you fully let her go. Iím slowly trying to learn this process.