Hello bttrfly

I am glad your Mom is on the mend. And your incident wasn’t any worse than it was.

You certainly have had your plate full for the last while. Just imagine when thing settle down, you won’t know what to do with yourself. Ah, won’t that be nice. Lol.

I agree the universe could lay off for a while. Uncle!

By the way, I hear ice cream is really good for twisted ankles.


Oct 8/17 - BD
Me49 W46 S20 S19 S16 D15
M26 T29
w/OM, Left Kids
Dec 9/17 - Legal Separation
Oct 3/18 - W Files
Apr 6/19 - Divorced
Me52 XW48 S22 S21 S19 D17

I may give up, but not today.