Hi all-well, he's home, and some of his "warmth" has backtracked. He says "that night was a setback" the night I "snooped". I find that a little rich coming from the man that cheated 15 years ago, has not told me for 15 years, and almost cheated again. We were cuddling on the couch watching tv, and I said something about I need to know that you're not texting/messaging behind my back. All I got was silence. Sometimes no answer is an answer.

So, we are into the bank on Friday next to do the financials. As much as it kills me, if there's no progress on the counselling/transparency plan front, I will be asking him to move out. We will remain separated. I can't be the person doing all the heavy lifting here. I don't think he's back because he loves me, I think he's back for financial reasons/plan b reasons. I told him I need to hear "I'm sorry, I love you, and I want this to work.". I'm getting waffling. So I will lay low for a week, but I'm not feeling optimistic. I think he's cake-eating/plan B'ing, after a moment of weakness 3 weeks ago.

Me: 57 H:60
Married: 25 yrs
DB #1 June 4/19
"I love you forever" June 14/19
DB#2: June 19/19 ILYBINILWY