Baller - just keep in mind that your W chose this path. It's hers to walk and she'll have to figure out what the next steps are for herself.

The stronger you are, in every sense of the word, the more respect she'll have for you and that increases your chances of getting back together (if you choose to want that down the road).

I'm going through separation agreement things right now and she doesn't seem to care one bit that she's broken up this family (but she also thinks she'll get 50/50 custody and she won't owe me anything - read my update to see what my L said today). It's brutal and heartwrenching but if this is who she is than I don't want her in my life. If she does the hard work on herself to change than I will be open to getting back to where we were but that door is closing more each week.

Be strong for your kids and set a good example. Let your W realize things on her own.

H 37
W 31
S 2

T: 7
M: 4

BD 12/18
Separated 2/19
Living back together 04/06/2019
W Moved out again 07/15/2019