jac12 and LH19, I agree with both of you guys. Trying to detach has helped me with moving forward but I always have this strong urge to comfort her or I get caught up in a hug or a kiss etc.....

Last night she decided to vent a little and I ended up walking away. Before I got out she was crying and telling me that she loved this man and she loved me too. Either way she is gone and lost in the world that she has created. I think her anger is due to me telling the OM's wife and now she is coming after them and causing them discomfort in their jobs.

I will have to admit trying to Detach and GAL is so difficult at this point but its getting easier. I wish the process could be a lot quicker somehow. Its hard to just move forward and forget about the past. She is so caught up emotionally and attached to him that she may never make a choice to leave the affair. Rumors, destroyed lives, broken homes, damaged kids, devastated family members, and damaged careers - none of this matters or hits home.

On a positive note, my book arrives tomorrow. I have you guys to talk too!!! I have two sons that love me and will forever be by my side. I have a lot to be thankful for and I am never alone in this struggle. I am truly thankful for the folks on here that respond and help others out. I feel like I need a huge vacation right now.

Slowly getting stronger everyday but darn it's a SLOW process.