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Had a great IC session yesterday. Really examining lots of NGS traits and what we can do to overcome them. My IC feels I've made such good progress that I don't need to see her weekly anymore Also good for saving a bit of cash!

We're not really talking about the porn thing anymore - she feels I've moved on from that and am owning that problem and really have made huge leaps in leaving all that behind. We've been focussing on unlearning certain trains of thought. All the GAL activities I've been doing have really sped things along - even in just a few months. It'll take loads more time and effort but I'm up for it!

Went to the gym last night at about 8 - was very quiet so a good time to go. Only been three times but it's done me a world of good. I'm intending to up my visits to 5/6 times a week doing various things. When I was on the machines I wasn't even thinking about what others were thinking about me, or if they were watching me. I just got there, did my thing, then left.

W texted me this morning (Friday) saying my certificate for my exams has arrived. Bit annoyed as I had asked them to post it to my work address a while ago! I'll ask her to post it on to me, as I'm not driving 40 miles to pick up a piece of paper. Naturally my boss needs to see it, so I can hopefully get that pay rise!

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